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21 May 2017

Lincoln Park Conservatory

I meant to finish this up and post it around February, but I've been busy with life!
Finally, here's the post about my visit to LPC!


Near the end of October 2016 on a beautiful day, I visited Lincoln Park Conservatory.

It was a charming place, with plenty of gorgeous plants and dramatic contrast between light and shadows. There were times that I felt like I had stumbled across a secret garden, with how serene the scenes in front of me were. I met quite a few interesting plants for the first time, my favourite being Spathicarpa hastifolia (caterpillar plant), which has the spadix fused to the spathe.

I checked the Orchid House, excited to see the Stanhopea in bloom, but unfortunately I had missed it by a few days. All that was left was a basket with leaves, which I took a moment to check it out, despite the lack of flowers to enjoy. Of course, there were plenty of other beautiful orchids to admire, one of my favourites being Gongora galeata (pictured immediately below).


Click here for more photos!


I actually went with Steve and the kids, but the kids wanted to see other areas and the zoo, so we split up and met again later. The kids loved the conservatory and the zoo! I can't believe we only had to pay for parking, since admission was free to both. If you are in the area or want somewhere nice and inexpensive to take your kids, I highly recommend checking LPC and the zoo out!

Overall, it was an incredible experience, and I hope to go back soon.