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23 March 2015

Chicago Botanic Garden: 2015 Orchid Show

What a busy month I've had! As the weather has warmed up, I've been going out more. I have so many pictures and experiences to share in future posts. I'm excited!

When The Orchid Show debuted on Valentine's Day at Chicago Botanic Garden, I opted instead to visit Garfield Park Conservatory. I told my husband that I was still interested in the show and he surprised me with tickets a few weeks later! As Garden Plus members, Steve and I received a discount on admission. (The show is now over until next year, and the next show at CBG will be the Antiques, Garden & Design Show, opening on April 17.)

There were vendors selling some orchids, candles, and such things, and there was a table that offered repotting services to those who brought their orchids from home.

The display areas beyond the entryway were dim, with soft lighting on the flowers. I noticed quite a bit of Oncidium spp., and the ladyslippers were neat. There was also Vanilla planifolia!

Beyond the main display galleries there were orchids incorporated into the greenhouses! 

The Garden View Café had a nice display, which changes depending on the season or show at CBG.

The Lenhardt Library featured Orchidelirium, showcasing illustrated Orchidaceae from their rare book collection. The library has over 600 orchid books! There were also some cute orchids on display, my favourite being Onc. Twinkle 'Pink Profusion', with flowers tinier than my pinky nail!



After the show ended, CBG offered a day for members to purchase discounted orchids that were used in the displays. As tempting as the prices and beautiful plants were, I purchased three ferns for Steve since they are his favourite. 3/$10, what a steal! If there had been any orchids left over, the public would have been able to purchase some the next day, but there was such a frenzy of orchid lovers that there were virtually none left! Luckily I went in the afternoon.


Happy Spring! I have so much planned for the warm weather this year, and I can only imagine how many pictures I will be taking. If you are interested in seeing glimpses of my adventures as they happen, you can find me on Instagram!