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14 June 2015

Cantigny Park

Memorial Day was the perfect time to visit Cantigny Park, a perfect mix of history and horticulture.

We started the day with donuts and coffee, and made the hour-long trip in the afternoon. After paying the $5 parking fee (Cantigny Park participates in the AHS reciprocal admission program, but enforces the 90-mile exclusion), we chose a spot near the visitors centre. After I sprayed Steve and Ari with sunscreen we checked out the gift shop, grabbed a map, and headed out into the sunshine.

Immediately I noticed the huge 200-year-old Bur Oak, and a fountain further on.

Our first destination was the First Division Museum, which my WWI history enthusiast husband was especially excited about. The museum transported us back in time and gave us a greater appreciation for the sacrifices our soldiers made, and reminded us of the cost of our freedom. (The museums are typically closed on Mondays, with the exception of Memorial Day and Labor Day!)

Outside of the museum were various tanks, set upon rubber mulch with signs encouraging parents to let their children climb upon the tanks and learn about them. Of course, Ari wanted to go on every single one of them, and Steve meticulously inspected each tank.

The gardens were fantastic! The stroll through was very pleasant, especially in the Idea Garden.


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If you can ever visit Cantigny Park, I highly recommend it! We weren't able to go through all the gardens but will return to check out what we missed!