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After hearing about Pinus palustris from several southern botanist friends, I had to see the trees for myself! I had the great pleasure of ...

03 April 2014

First post!

In March of last year Steve and I started dating. He has taken great care of my heart; he is tender and loving and kind. My handsome guy has inspired the greatest change in me, and for that I am grateful! I have always wanted a legit blog of my own, where I could write interesting, witty things and share my life with the world. I previously did not feel like anything about me was worth sharing, aside from the occasional Facebook post about the kids. In one year, this guy has given me so much hope, laughter, smiles, and happiness.

The first pic I ever took of him!

I am so fortunate that he is mine and I am his. We are planning to marry in October this year. I look forward to being with this amazing person for the rest of my life! Enough of the mushy stuff (for now). When Steve moved into the apartment last year, he brought some plants. His beloved Spider Plant died after the kiddos bumped into it. We recently went out to see if we could find another one, and we ended up buying more than we intended! It is such a pleasure watching them grow and taking care of them, not to mention the way they spruce up the apartment.

I am interested in gardening and plants, but I am no expert. I could very well be wrong about what these plants are called so please bear with me! Also, I lost the charger to our camera so I only have phone cams at my disposal and I am hastily taking these photos.  I apologise for the crappy picture quality!

That being said, this is what we have, including his older plants:

Asparagus Fern
Japanese Bird's Nest Fern
Spider Plant

Silver Philodendron
Front: Fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura (?) 'Pink Angel' (Nerve Plant)
Middle: This one only said Foliage. 
I believe it is Schefflera elegantissima 
 'Gold Crest' (False Aralia)
Back: Ficus benjamina 'Dwarf Nikita' (Weeping Fig)

We have no idea what this plant is!
Mother-in-law's tongue x3.
ZZ Plant
Cute little succulent!

Propagating these succulents.
The cup with plastic wrap over it has two clementine seeds.
Succulent leaves in plastic cup waiting to 'scab'.