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16 May 2014

Succulent propagation update

These are only some of the succulents that I am propagating. I probably should have counted how many I have in total, but I was too focused on taking pictures and watering them.

 Here are some more detailed shots:

These baby succulents already had their bigger leaves fall off!

The bigger succulents are doing quite well; Steve and I plan on dropping by IKEA today or Saturday to see if there have any succulents, as I could use a little more variety for the succulent container gardens I have in mind. I definitely need more to fill the bird cages I bought, as the baby succulents won't be large enough for that project any time soon!

Another weekend adventure is ArtWauk in the nearby town of Waukegan. It sounds like a great deal of fun, so we are excited! Hopefully I remember to snap some pictures while we're there.