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26 September 2014

Quick Update + Fall Decorations

I've been incredibly busy with wedding plans. As of right now we are 29 days away from the wedding! I have that post detailing our plans mostly typed up.

It seems most people are incredibly nervous the day of the wedding. Meanwhile I've been freaking out about every little detail for the past year, and surprisingly enough my nerves have calmed the closer we get to the big day.

Steve's birthday is on October 4th, and I'm so excited! I have a lot of cute plans for him. I like to pamper him year-round but I have to lay it on thick for his special day. Once his birthday passes by I'll whip up a post detailing all the cute ideas I had, with pictures of course. Usually Steve just lets me show him the posts I make but in case he decides to take a peek, no spoilers! ;)

Soon I'll hopefully have some cute pics of the kids going to an apple orchard! I really love all seasons for one reason or another, but fall has always been my favourite. Everything about autumn is beautiful and really inspires me. I am completely in love with forests and they're the best when the leaves start changing colours, and they crunch underneath my boots as I wander through. I really need to get out there and snap some pics!

Speaking of autumn, I managed to find some really cute decorations for the apartment.

I found the scarecrow and pumpkin & cat candy dish at a thrift store. Together they cost $2. The candle, leaf candle-holder, owl stake, and two pumpkins were $1 each at Dollar Tree. They are so cute! I'm happy that I could find perfect decorations for so cheap. Soon we'll be looking for Thanksgiving trinkets as well.

That's all for now -- Happy Friday! I hope everyone is well and has a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading.