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06 October 2014

Love Does

Near the end of September, a good friend of mine invited me to go to an event at her church. It was for the early morning on a Saturday. Saturday was Steve's birthday

I'm not a morning person, especially on weekends. Crowds make me anxious, especially in places I've never been before. Yet, I was compelled to go. Initially I was hesitant because I wanted to make Steve's birthday fabulous from start to finish. "I don't get to sleep in much, and it starts early so...go! You'll have a lot of fun. We can celebrate my birthday after" was his response to my worries.  Steve is a sweet dude.

I didn't sleep at all the night before the event. So, there I was at 7am chugging coffee and getting ready to go to an event I knew pretty much nothing about. I never heard of this book Love Does and whoever this Bob guy was. Not to mention it was going to be cold outside, and I am not a fan of chilly weather. But I said I would go and there was no backing out!

I picked my pal up and we headed to the church. On our trip towards the entrance I noticed bubbles flying out of a bubble machine. When we stepped through the doors, there was a lady smiling and holding balloons. They had me at bubbles, but especially balloons. After getting through the registration line (and picking up this mystery book -- a New York Times bestseller according to the cover) I saw it: a table with brownies. Free brownies! There were various snacks and beverages to boot.

After grabbing some goodies we sat down in the left-side second row. There was live worship music, which was awesome. And then...Bob. 

Initially, I was a bit skeptical. My faith in God is unshakeable. I thought, 'Who is this guy and why should I read his book? Is he going to talk about the same generic things I've heard all my life? Oh man, I should've grabbed another brownie!

I observe people. I pick up on quirks, mannerisms, and body language. I make eye contact, even with people across the room or up on a stage. As I watched Bob Goff and listened to his words, my doubt faded. This man is genuine. And he is crazy awesome! He loves God and he loves people...but he doesn't just feel love! He takes action with it. Through God and love anything is possible.

I was entirely captivated by his stories, his energy, and the love he exuded. The things he has done with his love are incredible. His words were meaningful and made positive impacts. And he made it fun! When he spoke, it felt like he was addressing me individually. Personally, like and old friend. The whole experience was awesome. (The candy bars I snagged during the break were pretty awesome too.)

After Bob finished speaking I felt electrified and hopeful. I still feel that way. He has changed my life and moved my soul. For a long time I felt like there was something I needed to do, and now I know. I need to love more. God answered all my questions the past few months in one sitting. And the phrase that stuck out to me the most? 


All the people that are inspired by him will go out and inspire others. I've already shared this story with Steve, and its impacted his life. People like Bob are lights shining in the darkness. When you look at them you know God is in their heart. Through Bob, God is illuminating people, and then God works through these people. On and on it goes. That is incredible and beautiful!

I am just now picking up the book and reading it, but I know I will love it. I wanted to share my experience because its incredible. I am so thankful that my friend thought of me and let me tag along.

If you ever get a chance to hear Bob speak, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT RELIGIOUS, listen to him. It can change your life, truly. He speaks love. And love does stuff.

"The more we turn into love the more we see just right through people, the more we see who they are turning into. Tell people who they are turning into." -Bob Goff