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07 September 2014

Back to School

It's official! Ari and Sandy are both in school. Sandra had a fabulous first day of kindergarten, and was very fashionable. Ari couldn't wait to get back to learning!

Ari's class uses an app called ClassDojo. Throughout the day the teacher gets to record each child's behaviour and parents can keep tabs on how their children are acting in school. The student app enables Ari to create and customise a cute little avatar.

Every week I receive an e-mail summarising what Ari did right or wrong. She does well every school day, save for the occasional slip up. I think this is great because it gives me the ability to work with Ari and her teacher easily to make sure Ari pays attention and minds the rules. There are incentives for the kids to keep their weekly record positive, too!

As much as I enjoyed having the kids' company this summer, I'm so happy they are back in school.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days (yay, allergies!). Soon I'll blog about Autumn wedding ideas. I really wanted to go to a public garden in the past few weeks and snap some pics, but it didn't pan out. It will happen sooner or later!