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31 December 2014

2014 Year-end Reflections

Here we are, at the end of 2014! I can honestly say I will look back on this year with great fondness.This year my youngest daughter started school for the first time as a kindergartener, and my eldest daughter became a first grader. They've learned much!

We rescued a kitty who longed for lots of love and a safe, warm place to stay. Cole has been the best cat we have ever had. He has given us so many great moments.

I married my best friend and soul mate, in a  perfect and meaningful ceremony, on a beautiful day. We were surrounded by people we love dearly and we didn't spend much money on the wedding. As a result we focused more on the things that matter: God, each other, and sharing the moment with people that matter.

 We had a great honeymoon, also without spending too much. Again, that helped us focus on what truly mattered: spending time together as husband and wife. Our best times were ones that weren't planned too thoroughly. Holding hands, wandering our favourite city, and enjoying each moment of it.

 I went on many adventures, including a great road trip with my husband. We witnessed amazing sunrises and sunsets, and we got to explore many places. We ate and slept well, relaxed, and spent quality time together having fun.

Instead of drowning in work I’ve been fortunate to focus on healing and spending time with my children. With the spare time I have also been able to discover new hobbies, and nurture others that I never had time for: I found my inner plant nerd and ran with her, then started this blog; I started painting and doodling again; I spent many moments connecting with nature; I tried new things like cycling over 10 miles, and taking a boat out on a lake. 

2014 was a year of adventure, courage, healing, and love. I aim to learn more about plants in the year ahead, and explore more. I always feel that despite being pretty well-rounded as a person, there is always room for learning. There is always an opportunity to improve. I look forward also to watching the kids and grow for another year, and for my husband to shine brighter and brighter as he embraces who he is.

Steve embracing his role as Squirrel Whisperer

To all my readers, I thank you for taking the time to journey with me! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful end to their year, and I wish everyone many blessings and much joy for 2015. Happy New Year!