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After hearing about Pinus palustris from several southern botanist friends, I had to see the trees for myself! I had the great pleasure of ...

04 July 2016

Thoughts and Ramblings

Edit: I thought more about what I wanted this blog to be about, and I just can't bring myself to turn it into anything else than its already been. I've decided that I will make a separate blog if I want to post reviews on products! I'll leave this post up, though. Keep an eye out for an upcoming nature post!


When I started this blog, I intended it to be a place where I shared thoughts and experiences regarding my life as a mother and wife. It evolved into post after post of botany and horticulture, and of my adventures in nature as that is what I am most passionate about.

Part of me likes that specific topic for this blog, but part of me wants to go back to the original idea, or at least something along those lines. I feel like I could be more active if I made posts about other things, but I've grown used to being this crazy plant nerd that talks about nature all the time. My life is more than just plants, though, believe it or not. :)

I made a post a while ago about freebies. In the past two years, I've continued to get free samples and products, and in the past few months I discovered Influenster, where I sometimes get free products for testing purposes. If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I mentioned this a few times and shared pictures of said products. I struggle with the idea of posting about products on here or on Instagram, because I don't want my followers to feel like I'm flooding their feeds with spam when they expect nature posts and photos. But, I would like to post occasional reviews, especially if I found a product I really like!  

So, I think I'll give it a test run. Within the next few weeks I'll post a review of Zzzquil. I briefly mentioned in the past that I suffer from mental health issues. I'm plagued with insomnia, so I'm excited about the Zzzquil samples I just received from Influenster. In my review post I'd like to talk about Influenster and my experiences with that site and my very first VoxBox. I also would like to talk about PinchMe, and the $5 Walmart Beauty Box I recently discovered. I am not getting paid for mentioning any of these things, and I will definitely give honest opinions and reviews!

My first Influenster VoxBox

To be clear, I will continue to post about my adventures and experiences in nature, and don't plan on any other topics taking over my blog or Instagram  .

I hope my American readers had a safe and wonderful Independence Day!