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28 April 2014

Busy bee

What a wonderful week! Sandra came over for several days and we had a blast.

On the weekend, Steve and I took Ari to Mitsuwa (basically an Asian Wal-mart), and we had lunch at the little food court. I had some tempura udon. It was delicious as always. Steve had a hot dog (baked into the pastry with ketchup drizzled on top), and Ari had a panda pastry filled with chocolate creme. Of course I shared some noodles with her!

They were having a special contest for children, for Mother's Day. We picked up the special paper from the service desk and while we ate, Ari drew a picture of me. Unfortunately, since we were having so much fun, I forgot to snap a pic of it! Her drawing was super creative. She got a goodie bag from the desk clerk. The store will display the drawings for a week or so. Afterwards we grabbed a mango ice cream cone from the cafe, and bought a few snacks.

Ari's favourite snack from there is smoked dried squid. I didn't expect her to like it, although she is my daughter so I suppose it's not too bizarre! I have fond memories of my mom taking me to the oriental stores to pick up various snacks. All of those stores have since closed, so its harder for me to get my hands on those snacks. Mitsuwa is a bit of a drive for some snacks but its worth it. In addition to the squid, we bought some taro mochi and Kopiko coffee. It is the best instant coffee I have ever had!

We bought another Betta fish, name pending. I will make another post with pictures of our new little buddy sometime soon!