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23 April 2014

Poor False Aralia!

I feel so bad for them. I repotted each one in separate containers. There is no root rot, fortunately. I put them in some bright, indirect light. We'll see how this goes; hopefully it recovers, though one out of three is looking rough.

I noticed yesterday that the Fittonia was wilting a bit. I watered it and made sure to mist it, as they also love humidity. The great thing about this plant is when it needs something, it shows. Once its needs are met it perks up within an hour or two. The plant looked like it was dying, and after I pampered it, you can't tell that it was on the brink of death! Its as beautiful and perky as ever.

Look at the gorgeous"veins"!

I had a nice surprise when I watered and checked up on the clementine seedling!


And what's this?!

Oh, two seedlings! How exciting. I thought that we lost the second one. I wonder if they will flourish and be nice little trees to pretty up our home. I'm not banking on getting any fruit out of them, let alone sweet fruit being produced. I don't know what I'll end up with! But its a delight to grow them from seeds and watch them grow.

I also checked my latest batch of succulents to see how they're doing, as they haven't showed growth, which is to be expected since it takes a few weeks on average. Also considering there hasn't been consistent sunny days, and other days were too cold to put them on the windowsill. I was very surprised to see a lot of roots!

Itty bitty root

I love the pinkish roots on this!

Start of pink roots!

I thought this one wasn't going to make it!

For this batch, the loss was minimal compared to the previous ones, even with Ari's antics last week. It may be since I'm learning, or perhaps because the weather is warming up and I'm able to stick these in some sun. Despite the loss, its incredible seeing how well some of the previous batches turned out. Once these are healthy adults, I will make a post about the process I used. As I have said before, I am no expert, but I think its comforting for us regular folks to see that other novices can successfully propagate and maintain plants, and love every moment of it. I was inspired by my mother, other bloggers, and Pinterest, after all!

Roots and look at the baby succulent!

This is perhaps the best and biggest one!

The leaves fell off the left two.

Hello beautiful baby succulent!
Second best!


Fourth :)

Also, if you couldn't tell, Steve found that camera battery. I love taking more detailed pictures, not to mention its much easier with a legit camera instead of a clunky phone,although I'm no professional photographer. I look forward to taking more pics of thriving baby succulents. Fingers crossed!