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21 April 2014

Easter weekend

Ari was a bit too quiet one day, and when I went to investigate, she got a hold of some water, and was dumping it on the False Aralia. Upon further inspection I realised she got into the succulents and moved those around, watered some, and messed with the rocks. She also yanked a few leaves off of one of the Sedum hernandezii, but I'm just going to try to propagate them anyways. I'm not sure about the Crassula perforata that she yanked the top off of...I'll see how that goes. Even so, these are some hardy succlents, let me tell you!

Of course, now the False Aralia is wilted, and I lost a few succulent leaves that were propagating. I was initially devastated because some were doing so well! But, she was only trying to help and she felt awful for killing some of them. I still have plenty, though I feel bad for the False Aralia.

And then fishie died...he was a Crowntail Betta, named Nefertiti (long story). I called him Nef. He was getting old, and he lived a nice life in a ten-gallon heated and filtered tank with his Mollie friend. He had been acting odd for the past two months. The day he died he wasn't eating; something seemed extremely off. RIP Nef, our little grumpy gills.

That was it as far as sad things happening. On Friday, Steve and I went to check out some vests and bow ties for the wedding, and one of my best friends, Alaina, found the perfect bridesmaid dress! We went to dinner afterwards. It was nice spending some time with her, as we have not seen each other in a while! I met Alaina nearly four years ago at my first hotel job, and she has been stuck with me ever since. :)

Then, we had an early Easter dinner with his family on Saturday. In our Easter basket was a pretty littleAloe 'Minnie Belle' hybrid.

Steve also got me a new succulent! Sedum rubrotinctum 'Aurora' is a beautiful addition. I think that we are good on plants though! I have so many leaves for propagation, plus all of our house plants, and there is hardly any more room.

We also have a Hyacinthus...

And the clementine seedling is doing fantastic!

We also snagged a pitcher plant and Venus fly trap (dormant) for $9 at Lowe's!

And last, but not least, we have a mystery plant that has grown quite a bit in the past week!

On Sunday, we had Easter lunch with Steve's family, and we saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier afterwards. Ari came home from her weekend with her father, and we took her to a park. Sunday was beautiful! I actually wore a dress and sandals. Today will hit the 70s, though there may be some thunderstorms. Either way is fine, as long as it stays warm! :)