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06 April 2014

Oil Paintings

Last month, Steve's brother was home for Spring Break so we went out on an adventure! We wandered around a mall and had lunch. We stumbled into an art gallery with beautiful oil paintings. We ended up buying two of them.

This one is in the living room.

This one is in the kitchen.
We all thought these two were best. I absolutely love France, and the pops of yellow and red are beautiful in contrast to the black, white, and gray. The second one has lovely, soft, warm colours that go perfectly with the colours we chose for the kitchen. The detail on both is beautiful! These paintings really add a lot of character to the rooms they are in.

I'm really glad Steve sees the beauty in these as well. I haven't painted in months, and when we bought these and saw the other paintings, I was inspired. I have an unfinished acrylic painting I'd like to start working on again. When its warmer outside I think Steve and I will go on another Chicago adventure, and perhaps visit the art museum! It seems the weather here is going to stay in the 50s. I am so excited!