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Alabama Adventures: Longleaf Pine Treasure Forest

After hearing about Pinus palustris from several southern botanist friends, I had to see the trees for myself! I had the great pleasure of ...

11 April 2014

Plant updates!

Some of the succulent leaves didn't make it, and understandably so. Since I've never done this before I expect a lot of loss. I'm sure even an expert will have some die. A few shriveled up or blackened without any roots or growth. Two have some growth and roots, but one of them seems to be blackening. I may have accidentally watered them too much. Alas, that is part of trial and error. And there is yet another with only root growth. I'm going to ease up on watering!

This one is doing really well!

Lots of roots! Hope this one stays healthy.

 I also peeked in the cup, and out of the two clementine seeds, one is sprouting a little bit. Our other plants are all doing really well. The Ficus benjamina has been losing some of the lower leaves but I think that's typical. It has a few new leaves growing.

 The Spider Plant is crazy. I swear it has huge growth spurts overnight!

  The Silver Philodendron also has some new leaves!

A few of the older plants also have some growth, but I didn't snap any pictures of them. Its nice to watch them grow. Hopefully a few of the succulent leaves are successful! I'm just excited that some of them got this far.