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20 May 2014

IKEA, Artwauk, and baby bird

Today we discovered this:

It seems that the other egg is in the process of hatching as well! There was some nearby construction in the apartment parking lot that scared away Mama Robin, so I took the opportunity to snap pics and a video of the baby. Excuse the annoying noises; as I said, there was construction going on at this time!

As for our weekend activities, we ended up going to IKEA, where we found a lovely Haworthia fasciata (according to the label), however I wonder if it is actually H. attenuata or perhaps another Haworthia sp.

It was nice to wander around IKEA for a bit; we signed up for their IKEA Family membership program (for free), and in their restaurant we were able to have some free coffee. There are also some decent discounts for signing up for it. We saw some pretty pots for less than fifty cents a piece but we didn't need them. I saw some Crassula tetragona but they were in pretty bad shape. I also spotted Phalaenopsis spp., Crassula ovata, Aloe vera, and lots of other beautiful plants. As far as succulents there wasn't a huge selection, when we went there at least. Perhaps in previous weeks there were more.

On our way back towards Waukegan, I snapped some pictures:

I didn't snap pictures of the Artwauk per se...I just didn't want to creep people out by taking pics of them. We didn't stay long; everything probably was busier as it got darker, but we left before that point.

I also saw some birds and nests in the brick front of a building. The birds were chirping and flying around.

We saw a neat resale shop, where we snagged these for $3:

I actually collect cow figurines too, in addition to unicorns. I will post a picture of my cow collection another time!

We had a great time, as we usually do. We spent about twenty bucks total, including food, the cows, and the succulent. I'm really happy that simple activities turn into adventures.