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08 May 2014

Sunny day

What a beautiful day! The sun is out and it is in the 80s. Yesterday was windy and chilly, so this is a welcome change. It has indeed been an unusual Spring. Now its nearly Summer! I am so happy to open the windows and let in warm, fresh air. I know the plants on the window sill will love this weather.

Its amazing how quickly the succulent leaves are growing now that the weather is ideal, with plenty of sun and warmth! I will post previous pictures of one of them to show just how much it has progressed!

I actually do not know what kind of succulent this one is. When I bought one of the succulents at Wal-Mart, this leaf was sitting on the floor (people are so rough yanking the succulents off of the display shelf!), so in case it did propagate via leaf I brought it home. I honestly thought it wasn't going to do anything since it went quite some time without any growth.

Another plant that has thrived -- despite the weather -- is our Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegated Bonnie'). They are known for being very durable plants, so if you have a brown, gray, or black thumb you can rejoice and buy one of these gorgeous plants! They are also super easy to propagate.

It is an amazing and fulfilling feeling to see all these plants thrive.

I think when Steve gets home from work, we will take Ari to the park, and walk around as well. It is too lovely a day to stay inside. Perhaps we will take some pictures too!