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17 June 2014

New cat and succulents

I've been sick the last few days. I'm still recovering but I feel much better at least! On Sunday our second cat was dropped off to us by her previous owners. Her name is Fran and she is adorable. She's about thirteen years old and she has a little tail and is a bit pudgy, but we love her all the same. I haven't been able to take a decent picture of her yet.

Cole isn't being very territorial at all, which is a good thing. He only hissed at her initially. We were going to wait to introduce them but Fran ended up hiding near the Cole's food dish, and refused to come out so we just let her be. She's still adjusting, which makes sense. Cole had an easier time and was alright after one day but he was the only cat and was an outdoor cat to boot, while Franny has never been outside and was used to the same people and home for years.

Anyhow, on the weekend we swung by Home Depot and they had a bigger variety of succulents than the previous times we visited. There were small succulents for about $2.50, larger ones for $3-4.50, large ones for ~$10, and various succulents potted together for $10+. We also spotted a bunch of decently sized Venus Fly Traps (propagated from cultures, so they grow rapidly compared to other propagation techniques) for roughly six bucks. I was really interested in a Crassula perforata 'Variegata' but ultimately didn't buy it as it wasn't in good condition. There were also many lithops.

I chose a pretty x Graptosedum 'Vera Higgins' and Senecio rowleyanus (String-of-Pearls). I believe the succulent I bought the other day is a Pachyphytum bracteosum.

No pictures in this post as I've been bed-ridden as of late. I'll keep it short and sweet. I promise the next post will have pics and updates on the succulent propagation!