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21 July 2014

Chicago Botanic Garden: Succulents & Bromeliads

On Saturday we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with Steve's sibling and Ari. It was about a 45 minute drive, and parking was $25 for our car. There were so many beautiful gardens, but we didn't have a full day to dedicate to wandering.

We were lucky enough to hit up the bromeliad, succulent, and cacti show & sale. I didn't snap any pictures of that because I was too busy browsing and chatting with some of the members of the Cactus & Succulent Society of Greater Chicago and the Bromeliad Society of Greater Chicago. There were so many beautiful plants for sale! Some of my favourites were Cephalocereus senilis {Old Man Cactus} and Euphorbia tirucalli {Fire Sticks}.

There were gorgeous succulents for $7.50 but I opted for some pretty Tillandsia spp. {Air Plants}...

...a Guzmania lingulata {Scarlet Star}...

...and a lovely Haworthia 'Hayashi'.


Steve snagged an Operculicarya decaryi...

The show plants were wonderful to see as well. I hope that some of my succulents and bromeliads grow to be that impressive one day!

My absolute favourite place to wander through was the Arid Greenhouse. I decided a slideshow would be the best format to present these photos in. I will let the photos speak for themselves.