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Alabama Adventures: Longleaf Pine Treasure Forest

After hearing about Pinus palustris from several southern botanist friends, I had to see the trees for myself! I had the great pleasure of ...

18 July 2014


We went to Chicago on Saturday, but we didn't get there until 5pm. The Taste was shut down due to inclement weather that never really happened.

We met up with a pal of mine and her boyfriend, and had a bite to eat at Pauly's Pizza. It was fun chatting with them!

Afterwards Steve and I wandered around.

A year ago we went to The Taste with my coworker-friend and wandered around the city afterwards.

We took a picture at the same place outside of a Borders around the Loop area, except on the other side of the same bench. Perhaps this will be a new tradition!

We stumbled upon Brando's Speakeasy, where we had a few drinks while listening to people at the stage belt out lyrics. Gotta love karaoke bars.

After that we went home. Despite the late start to the day we had a ton of fun in our favourite city!