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08 December 2014

I'm Still Alive!

I haven't forgotten about that Part 2 post I promised I'd make! I've been ill again, and generally not ready to dedicate time for a decent blog post. I've felt very busy and at times overwhelmed. I really would like to make that post, but I've started it several times only to erase everything. I'm hoping that inspiration will strike soon! I also have a few other posts that have been sitting in draft status. I know they will be posted eventually, but I just wish I would finish tweaking them and release them to all of you already!

I'm not giving up on this blog; I just need to be gentle with myself. This blog was not only my way of sharing my happiness and love with others, and it was not only a way to help inspire was also a challenge for me to focus on the good and inspire myself to be a bit more consistent (as you can see in the past I made plenty of posts and had a lot of fun)!

I don't intend on having a negative vibe. I just want to be realistic with my readers. I am generally a positive person! I do suffer from a few mental health issues, including depression, so when I have my low points I struggle. December is a beautiful, wonderful month but for me it is also bittersweet as I lost my dear Grandma in 2008, exactly a week from Christmas. She was the only part of every happy memory from my childhood, especially during holidays, and so this is a time where I am struggling to be upbeat. I miss her terribly and no amount of time erases that.

I don't want to feign total perfection in who and what I am when there is none, and I certainly don't want to type up a blog post when my heart isn't in every single word. I think I would be doing a disservice not only to the people reading, but also to myself.

I really believe in sharing positivity and happiness. Despite that, I am a person that has her struggles, and that can still be used to help others. I hope those of you reading this can relate more to me and perhaps draw inspiration from my situations, in order to overcome your own trials. We all have them, sooner or later.

If you are interested in seeing more frequent content for the time being, I have been posting some photos on my Instagram! I've also pinned a bit here and there on Pinterest. You can find the links here.

I am also interested in featuring other blogs, or even guest posts! My e-mail is also on my contact page if you are interested.

Thank you all for your patience. I wish you all much love and light!