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17 November 2014

Amazing Road Trip Adventure! (Part 1)

What a crazy adventure I've been on! Steve and I traveled to Michigan on the 8th, returned home on the 9th, and headed out that evening on our road trip to New York. I got to spend some time with my brother-in-law, T., as well as my childhood friend Bee while Steve was working. You may remember that I mentioned Bee in a previous post about her cooking blog!

The trip to Michigan was roughly 4 hours one-way, and to New York it took about 15 hours one-way. Despite the long drives, we had a blast! I have never been to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, DC, or Virginia before and we managed to stop in all of them. I haven't visited Ohio since my Grandma passed away in 2008, and it was nice to be in a state I once called home. We stopped at a nice service plaza  sometime after midnight, and thankfully a Starbucks was open. I drank my first peppermint mocha of the season in Ohio!

It was interesting to see the terrain go from flat in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio to rocky and steep in Pennsylvania. We watched the sunrise while on the road in Pennsylvania.

 In New Jersey we found out that by law the station employees have to pump your gas. It was pretty neat! I haven't seen a full-service gas station in a while -- we had one in Zion that my Grandma loved before she moved to Ohio, but they have since done away with that practise. Oregon is the only other state that restricts gas pumping to the gas jockeys. As Steve said, that would be pretty sweet around here in the winter!

We stayed in White Plains, NY for a few days. Everything around that area is highway, I swear! Aside from downtown White Plains, anywhere interesting to go is at least a 20-minute drive. That whole area has stone walls and wrought iron fences to compliment the fancy houses.

The trees in New York were gorgeous with their Autumn foliage; the leaves blended beautifully with their reds and oranges and yellows, as if they were painted in by an artist!

We were fortunate enough to stay at the Hyatt House in White Plains, which was wonderful. They had ZZ Plants and Bromeliads, as well as many other real plants throughout the lobby and halls.

The beds were so comfy! There was a full breakfast every morning and a social hour at night Monday through Thursday (with some complimentary wine and food) which was awesome. I really enjoyed having Steve sit at the table while I grabbed some food and coffee for him! It was a nice start to his day, feeling loved and pampered. I don't eat breakfast often but after this experience I feel like I should start!

On Tuesday I hung out with T. and Bee in Stamford, CT. Hanging out with those two always results in whimsical adventures! We went thrifting, browsed gardening centres, visited the local library's book sale, and ate lunch at a diner.

Since we had such a grand trip, I will have to split it up into two posts! The next one will include the remainder of our stay in White Plains, our adventure in Queens (including our visit to Queens Botanical Garden), our romantic date in Baltimore, and driving through Washington, DC.