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02 June 2014

Cat King Cole

I've been super busy lately, if you couldn't tell by the lack of posting!

We recently adopted a sweet cat:

He is SO affectionate. His name is Cole; I call him Cat King Cole or Coleus sometimes. He was used to being an outdoor cat for quite some time, but he didn't like it very much. He looks much better with his collar, stretched out on our bed. So far he's left the fish and birds alone, although he likes to sit at the bird cage and watch them.

He's knocked down one plant so far, as he hopped up on the windowsill to sit. So, the Coleus was destroyed by Cole! I have since moved all the plants to the kitchen windowsill.

Speaking of plants, we planted some apple and lemon seeds to help teach Ari how plants grow. So far one apple seed and one lemon seed sprouted. I'll post pictures in an update post sometime!

As far as the Robin nest goes...unfortunately it is empty. I could go into detail, but its very sad and sick. I will only say that I suspect one of the boys in this community was responsible for two eggs disappearing, and the death of the hatchling, as I overheard him talking about the Robin nest, and caught him jabbing at it with a large wooden post, ripping branches off of the bush, and shaking the bush violently. He even was looking into our windows to see if I was watching.

On a lighter note...I snagged a good deal on a few items at garage sales, and we're looking forward to more of that the next couple months! Also, there was a fair nearby but we didn't check it out. Our town will have a fair this month, though! I'm excited for that, and the local farmer's market.

This past weekend, Steve and I went biking on a trail for about 16 miles total. I didn't snap any pictures of us on the bikes, but we did get some of the beautiful flowering plants.

We also saw a chipmunk, three bunnies, two squirrels, lots of birds, a butterfly, and an egret.

I snapped some beautiful pictures of a nearby lake and the sunset.

What a beautiful, wonderful weekend! I'm so happy that its nice and warm outside. We hardly broke a sweat biking, though we both were feeling worn out at the end or our trip. The bike seat was rather uncomfortable, so surprisingly my legs aren't very sore, but my derriere is!