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After hearing about Pinus palustris from several southern botanist friends, I had to see the trees for myself! I had the great pleasure of ...

09 June 2014

Wedding planning and weekend adventures

Steve and I were originally going to set the date for November 17th, but luckily it looks like we'll be able to do October 25th instead! We are so excited. We have been attending pre-wedding "classes" with our Pastor, and our last one is going to be this week! I've amassed hundreds of pins across several boards on Pinterest for ideas, and everything is slowly coming together.

I'm glad we aren't going to blow thousands of dollars on our wedding (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that if you're rich!), but we have bills to pay and kids to raise, so the money we're saving by picking fantastic yet budget-friendly options is going to do us well in the long run. For us, its not about a flashy wedding and frivolous spending, but rather an intimate, beautiful ceremony with people we love to witness and celebrate with us.

In a future blog post I will elaborate on some of the ideas we're looking at! Meanwhile,
if you're interested in my wedding idea boards.
I have a lot of wedding pins as well as other boards. I'll even follow you back if you'd like! Just comment on here so I can find you!

Anyhow, on Friday Ari spent the night at her Grandma's so we took the opportunity to wander around Highland Park. I didn't take many pictures while we wandered! We were having so much fun I actually forgot about the camera or capturing the moments.

We stumbled upon a restaurant called Yummy Bowl. They had amazing Thai fried rice (Steve was in heaven!) and yummy sizzling rice soup.

 On Sunday we went out to a park near Steve's childhood home and let Ari play a bit. I took the opportunity to snap some photos while we walked along one of the paths. We saw some fairy doors:

I'm glad we got to see all these beautiful plants!